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1)關懷和醫治: 接納受情緒、心理和屬靈困擾的個人或婚姻家庭,提供一對一的專業心理輔導、教牧輔導和互助小組的協助,一同尋求出路和醫治。

2)教育和預防: 定期組織心理健康教育講座和課程,並通過橄欖樹網站(olivetree.cchc.org),提供心理健康常識的最新資訊和社區資源。

3)生命的成長: 提供各類課程和團契,鼓勵在不同生活階段的單身、夫妻、父母和長者,追求持續的生命成長。

Our History and Missions

As of May 2016

Olive Tree Holistic Care Ministry started in 2013, and exists to provide the Chinese community with mental health care in a holistic way, with compassion and professional competence, based on Christian faith and Biblical truth. There are mainly three areas of services in the ministry:

  • Caring & Healing: embrace people and families under emotional, mental and spiritual challenges to seek healing through counseling and support groups;
  • Education & Prevention: organize psycho-educational workshops and classes periodically, and present latest information through Olivetree website (olivetree.cchc.org), to equip people with mental health knowledge and resources.
  • Life Growth: encourage people at different life stages, including singles, married couples, parents and seniors, to pursue continuous growth through instructional programs and fellowships.